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Jenkins, Matthew, et al. Mu Grocery Delivery Business Plan. . 2018.

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Jenkins, Matthew, McCartney, Trey, Forkner, Emily, & Padgett, Salem. (2018). MU Grocery Delivery Business Plan.

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Jenkins, Matthew, McCartney, Trey, Forkner, Emily, and Padgett, Salem. Mu Grocery Delivery Business Plan. 2018.

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Mission Statement: MU Grocery Delivery is here to help the students of Marian University change the way they get their groceries by offering a low cost grocery delivery service that will save students time and effort that they could be using for their school work or anything else they feel deserves their time and energy. Service Summary: MU Grocery Delivery is a quality grocery delivery service for Marian University students. Our website has disclaimers and refund policy explanations. The home page features the date and time of delivery on Marian’s campus. We will deliver once a week and we deliver to a centralized location on campus, Norman Center room 105, and students will have an hour to come pick up their groceries from that location. The current time frame for students to pick their groceries up is Tuesday evenings from 8:00-9:00 pm. Having seen our home page, our customers will likely go to our online store page on the website. Our online store is comprised of products found at Walmart, Meijer, and Target stores. There are currently 80 items on our website. Many of these items have multiple varieties as well. The costs of the items are already pre-programmed with tax included on taxable items, as well as a 20% markup fee on each item individually. This 20% markup fee serves as our delivery fee. Objectives: MU Grocery Delivery projects that we will break even after 177 sales at an average of $11 per sale. Based off our trial run, in which we received 41 orders at around $11 per sale, we believe that we can double the amount of orders reaching 82 orders per week. We are projected to break even within 3 weeks. At the conclusion of the spring semester, we are projected to have a net income of $2,152.54. Taking our net income and dividing this by the number of hours each team member worked, we will be making $19.13 per hour. Business plan submitted for the BUS 109 course.

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