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Inspired by the knowledge that the most pressing and enduring societal challenges of today and tomorrow are global in nature and the fundamental belief that integrative global learning is the essential heartbeat of a meaningful college education, the ‘Women’s Rights and Gender Empowerment’ archive features collaborative study abroad, student research. In collaboration with Partners of America and in partnership with Professor Ana Paula Costa at the Universidade Federal Do Rio Grande Do Sul, the first “Women’s Rights and Women’s Empowerment in the Western Hemisphere: A Global Perspective” was offered for students to travel and research in Porto Alegre, Brazil from June 1-June 10 of 2017. In the spring semester leading up to their travel, students studied the impact of international charters and diverse international efforts on the elimination of discrimination against women and girls, and the achievement of equality between women and men in the specific context of Brazil. Students selected specific projects on women and gender; the projects invited students to first explore their issue in the United States, and then to develop a comparative analysis in Brazil.

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