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In this interview, Sister Delouise Menges discusses her decision to become a Sister of Saint Frances after witnessing her father’s strong Catholic faith. She reflects on her admiration for the sisters who taught her throughout her years in school. As a postulant, Sister Menges was sent on mission to St. Mary’s in Middletown, Ohio and Saint Christopher’s in Indianapolis to experience community life. Both occasions helped Sister Menges transition to community living in a time of change. She discusses such issues as the interpretation of dress code and changes in the habit. Sister Menges also recalls her time teaching religion classes through Marian University, her experience working at the Indiana Boys’ and Girls’ Schools, and her 45 years as a classroom teacher—experiences that continue to shape her prayer life and outlook on the world. Sister Menges speaks candidly about her many years as a seventh grade English and religion teacher, and how she realized her primary call as a Sister of Saint Francis was to help students “see the light in others”—a true Franciscan value.




Sister Delouise Menges


Dr. Mary Ellen Lennon


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Oldenburg, Indiana


Our Lady of Victory School, Cincinnati; Saint Veronica School, Cincinnati; Thomas Merton


Catholic Studies | Oral History | United States History | Women's History


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Sr. Delouise Menges