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In this segment, Sr. Margaret Peg Maher discusses the influence the Sisters of Saint Francis had on her early life growing up in Saint Bernard in the heart of Cincinnati, Ohio. She had Sisters of Saint Francis for teachers from grade school through high school and two aunts that were Sisters of Saint Francis. When she was a baby she was brought to the Convent at Oldenburg and offered to God by her Aunt Rose. Sr. Maher describes how it was only “natural to be a part of the community.” After teaching two years of grade school, Sr. Maher taught 36 years of high school Biology at Catholic high schools in Cincinnati. She offers tips on classroom management and unique assignments. After her career in teaching, Sr. Maher became a member of the Council of Religious Sisters for the Convent at Oldenburg. She shares how her leadership was shaped by a concerned for the growth and development of the sisters—physically, spiritually, and emotionally—and the importance of teamwork and the Holy Spirit guiding all of their decisions. Sr. Maher describes her new role as manager of Michaela Farm at the convent in Oldenburg, where she sees emerging ministries of religious sisters taking care of the “gifts of creation” and modeling “natural farming” that is gentle to the earth, compassionate towards the animals, and produces a healthy product. Sr. Maher concludes her oral history by emphasizing the important role nature plays in her prayer life and the influence author Thomas Berry has had on her spirituality.




Sr. Margaret Peg Maher


Mary Ellen Lennon Ph.D


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Oldenburg, Indiana


Sisters of Saint Francis, Oldenburg, Saint Bernard, Cincinnati Ohio; Hamilton Badin High School; Roger Bacon High School; Michaela Farm; Thomas Berry


Catholic Studies | Oral History | United States History | Women's History


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Sr. Margaret Peg Maher