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Laurel Camp, Ph.D.

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Educational Technology


Students have become dependent on technology and do not always use it of educational purposes during class. Boredom and lack of interest are common reasons given by students for cell phone use in class. (Olufadi, 2015). Several studies have examined technology usage and it’s effects in the classroom. One study found that higher overall usage of cell phones was correlated with lower GPAs. This study tracked the total amount of time phones were used in and out of school (Felsioni & Godoi, 2017). However, other studies report no impact of classroom phone use on learning. For example, students using phones during a class lecture and students not using phones had the same average lecture quiz scores. (Elder, 2013).

Our study examined the relationship between levels of classroom off-task technology use and classroom engagement, attitudes and GPA. We predicted a negative correlation between classroom technology use and all measures of classroom engagement and performance.


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