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Cell Biology


The Western culture tends to deem the Eastern culture as obese and unhealthy due to the large amounts of saturated fats and abundance of sugars that it consumes. Some studies argue that Lactobacillus casei can alter health and researchers are attempting to prove that different sugars, natural or artificial, have different effects on the growth of L. casei [1]. L. casei was chosen as the experimental model due to easily replicable growing conditions and the importance of the bacteria in the gut microbiome.

Sugar-bacteria solutions were created and their turbidities were taken to quantify the amount of bacteria growth after 24 hours of incubation. We hypothesized that the lactose would result in greater proliferation of Lactobacillus casei than glucose, sucrose, and saccharin, respectively. However, we found that all the additional sugars added to the bacteria have an inhibitory effect on the growth of L. casei. By identifying the effects that different sugars have on the concentration of bacteria within the gut microbiome, it will then be possible to manipulate diets and understand the effects that both natural and artificial sugars will have on the body.


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