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Kristy Wilson, Ph.D.

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Fall 12-5-2018


Genetics and Genomics


OST3 is a yeast gene for Obligosaccharyl transferase, a homolog of the Magnesium Transport 1 gene in humans. This human gene produce XMEN disease. XMEN disease is an X-Linked immune system deficiency where the amount of CD4+ T cells present in the body are reduced in function. XMEN is caused by a mutation in the MAGT1 gene. The MAGT1 gene produces a protein called magnesium transport. As shown in Magnesium transport is important because it activates CD4+ T cells, allowing for infections to be effectively detected. A mutation in the MAGT1 gene, reduces the function and effectivity of CD4+ T cells. For the individual, this mutation would result in a higher risk of developing infection, pneumonia or cancer. The only known effective treatment for XMEN is stem cell therapy.


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