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NSG 493 'Transition to Practice’ is a final semester course within the LSON BSN Curriculum in the traditional, on campus accelerated, and online accelerated programs. The team of 4 online faculty, in partnership with school leadership and various online site locations, analyzed previous student and faculty feedback and subsequently identified opportunities for improvement which were implemented in the fall 2019 semester. The aim was higher quality content, information, synchronous communication and assignments for students to enhance learning potential and increase student and faculty satisfaction. To achieve this, faculty incorporated feedback to plan, develop, and implement the following: new processes, revised content, re-aligned assignments, updated rubrics, synchronous activities, and innovative team communication strategies. This also helped to ensure consistency with the on-campus course. To help students ascribe value to their NCLEX prep activities, faculty worked with our third party to ensure NCLEX practice test scheduling and delivery was an improved process. In terms of evaluation, faculty plan to evaluate ongoing changes based on student and faculty feedback both qualitatively and quantitatively. To increase overall program alignment, faculty worked with the Progression Outcomes committee to bring in the end of program student satisfaction survey to ensure aggregate program data is collected in the course in addition to individual course analysis. Through this whole experience, a faculty aid was created as a process for handing off the course semester to semester which will be shared.


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