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Holly Gastineau-Grimes, Mary Ellen Lennon

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Gender and Sexuality | Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Ethnicity in Communication | Latin American Studies | Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies | Women's Studies


The LGBT+ community is generally grouped into one big group with all the same needs by media, organizations, and people. However, LGBT+ people have different concerns and needs based on age, race, ability, and so many other identities to which they can also fall under. Additionally, gender and sexual diversity greatly differ in needs within the community. This research focuses on the history of social movements for, and politics concerning primarily cisgender women of a sexual minority (lesbian, bisexual, etc.) in America and Brazil. Traditional research methods were primarily used to discover the reality of queer people in America, such as availability to resources and mental health. However, my research of the reality of the community in Brazil is primarily based on participant observation by interviews, question and answer sessions with politicians, as well as daily conversations (or lack thereof). With this research, commonalities along with differences were found between the two countries regarding history, politics, struggles, and victories for LGBT+ women, which ultimately lead to my conclusion of proposed solutions for the betterment of women in the queer community.


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