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Holly Gastineau-Grimes, Mary Ellen Lennon

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Education Policy | Gender and Sexuality | Gender Equity in Education | International and Comparative Education | Latin American Studies | Social Policy | Women's Studies


With a grant and a fun group of feminist scholars who were interested in studying cultural and legal Brazilian equality, I packed my suitcase and headed to Brazil for 10 days of intense research. I am a recent graduate of Marian University in Indianapolis, with a future as a high school psychology and government teacher, and as such I was interested in the question of gender equality within the classroom setting. I had originally set out to study the inclusion of women in the history curriculum and classroom specifically, but due to our schedule and the pull of the Brazilian citizens I met, my topic widened to include how gender stereotypes limit the quality of the education, the discontent in the current educational system in Brazil, and the changes that Brazilians wish to see in their schools and societies.


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