Most Recent Additions*


Rachel Santos OMS-1


Program of Intensive Support in Emergency Departments for Care Partners of Cognitively Impaired Patients (POISED-CPCIP)
Nicole Fowler Ph.D, Karolina Puchalski, Sneha Manoharan, and Matthew Kening OMS-4


Perceptions of interprofessional education in the medical and nursing curriculums
Bethany Miller, Elizabeth Petsche, Brian Skinner, and Julia Hum Ph.D


Targeting DNA-PK and the DNA Damage Response via Small Molecule Ku Inhibitors
Tyler L. Vernon OMS-1, Navnath S. Gavande, and John J. Turchi Ph.D


Bone-derived Sclerostin has endocrine actions in adipocyte precursors and pancreatic beta-cells
Ashley L. Daniel, Adam Ferrari, Hayley M. Sabol, Jessica H. Nelson, Kevin McAndrews, Meloney Cregor, Ziad Ghazzawi, William Thompson, Carmela Evans-Molina, Teresita Bellido, and Jesus Delgado-Calle


Catholic Medical Conscience App
Brendan Rhatican OMS-3 and Matthew Becker OMS-2

*Updated as of 05/26/20.