Outcomes in Blunt Cerebrovascular Injury Following the Use of an Evidence-Based Treatment Protocol

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Blunt cerebrovascular injury (BCVI) is rare but has been identified in trauma victims with increasing frequency in recent years due to improvements in imaging techniques and screening protocols. The incidence of BCVI is believed to be about 1% in blunt trauma victims. Multiple different criteria have been established for BCVI screening. BCVI is graded according to severity of vessel injury1. Treatment varies by institution, ranging from observation to the use of antiplatelet or anticoagulant agents. Due to the rarity of these injuries, optimal treatment is not yet known and most treatment strategies are based on retrospective reviews with poor patient follow up for outcome measures. Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine (GCBS) has developed an evidence-based treatment protocol for managing BCVI. In this study, the authors present data regarding outcomes for BCVI patients managed at a level I trauma center using this treatment algorithm.


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