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A comprehensive yet efficient evaluation of living kidney donor volunteers (LKDV) is key to a successful transplant program. Donor selection is complex and must balance donor medical suitability, compatibility issues and donor engagement. Identifying the most suitable donor when multiple volunteers are present can be difficult. Herein we examine the utility of a novel scoring tool in the early assessment of LKDVs. Methods: 13 donor and 5 recipient variables were scored (-5 to +5). Donor variables included relationship, blood type, motivation, psychosocial and medical comorbidities, substance use, distance from transplant center, financial concerns and interest in paired donation. Transplant candidate (recipient) variables included kidney function, active status, blood type and cPRA. Donor scores were analyzed in relation to evaluation metrics such as donor initiative, outcome of donor evaluation, and actual donation. Correlation of recipient scores with transplant and time until transplant were assessed. Results: From January-August 2015, the scoring tool was applied to all living donor volunteers(n=367) and their intended recipients(n=173). LDKVs with a higher score were more likely to complete preliminary testing(1.91vs1.41, p


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