COM Research Day is an annual showcase of the the research engagement of the students within the College of Osteopathic Medicine. Content on display are typically poster presentations along with faculty-led discussions of research projects. This event is coordinated by the MU-COM Research Club as well as the Faculty-led Research Club Committee.


Submissions from 2019

Importance of lipid droplets to immunosuppression in Coxiella burnetii-infected alveolar macrophages., Mahek Ali OMS-2, Kyle Reed OMS-2, and Minal Mulye Ph.D

Beta-carotene Conversion to Vitamin A Delays Atherosclerosis Progression by Reducing Very-Low Density Lipoprotein Lipidation, Jaume Amengual, Xiaoyun Wu, Ivan Pinos, Felix Zhou, Benjamin Abraham OMS-1, Tessa J. Barrett, Johannes von Lintig, and Edward A. Fisher

Evaluation of hypoglycemia resulting from hyperglycemic clamps, Uroosa Amir OMS-2, Kelly Moors, Anna Neyman MD, and Emily K. Sims MD

3D Modeling of a Kidney Transplant: Pre-Operative Patient Education, Brett A. Anderson OMS-2 and David L. Dufeau Ph.D

In vitro OMT-like stimulation of dermal fibroblasts reduces pro-inflammatory cytokine expression, Aric Anloague, Oladipupo Ogunbekun OMS-2, Aaron Mahoney, Sunny Patel, Julia Hum Ph.D, and Jonathan Lowery Ph.D

IBD Clinical Trials Competitive Landscape, Taylor Browning OMS-2

3D Visualization of Lung Anatomy: New Approaches to Medical Education, Zachary Buckman OMS-2 and David Dufeau Ph.D

Fracture Healing and Pain Tolerance in Aging Populations, Zachery R. Campbell BA,OMS-2; Zachary J. Gunderson BS; Ushashi C. Dadwal Ph.D; Nicklaus H. Diggins MS; Alexander R. Brinker BS; Natalie N. Taylor-Nguyen BA; Rachel J. Blosser MS; Fletcher A. White Ph.D; and Melissa A. Kacena Ph.D

Prevalence of Impairing Behavioral Health Problems in ED Patients and Association with ED Utilization, Alex Card OMS-2, Setarah Mohammed Nader, and Paul I. Musey MD

Individualized exercise and the health of the AYA cancer survivor population, Jacob Conroy OMS-2, Adam Corya, Abigail Bolt, Jessica Ricks, Nicholas Kelly, Danielle Halsey, Tammy Sajdyk, and Jamie Renbarger

Characterization of PPAR receptor activation by Troglitazone, a PPAR agonist, Megan Cornett OMS-2, Melissa Rudie OMS-2, Massiel Ulloa OMS-2, Samantha Przybelski OMS-2, and David Strom Ph.D

School Success Clinic, Michelle Curtin DO; Meagan Kelley BS, OMS-4; Kristin Wikel M.Ed; and Paula Sullivan Ph.D

Bone-derived Sclerostin has endocrine actions in adipocyte precursors and pancreatic beta-cells, Ashley L. Daniel, Adam Ferrari, Hayley M. Sabol, Jessica H. Nelson, Kevin McAndrews, Meloney Cregor, Ziad Ghazzawi, William Thompson, Carmela Evans-Molina, Teresita Bellido, and Jesus Delgado-Calle

Just because it has been there for years doesn’t mean it is not important: Koenen Tumor and Tuberous Sclerosis, Amy deOliveira OMS-2, Kristina M. Porada OMS-2, Rachel Elizabeth Pratt, and Theresa M. Rohr-Kirchgraber MD

COPD Exacerbations in Nursing Homes: A Retrospective Chart Review, Luke D. Elsener OMS-2; Laramie Mack; and Kathleen Unroe MD, MHA

Program of Intensive Support in Emergency Departments for Care Partners of Cognitively Impaired Patients (POISED-CPCIP), Nicole Fowler Ph.D, Karolina Puchalski, Sneha Manoharan, and Matthew Kening OMS-4

A Retrospective Cross-Sectional Analysis of Asthma, Hypertension and Diabetes Emergency Encounters; New Insights for Community Health Needs Assessments, Karla Geisse OMS-1 and Rickie Brawer Ph.D, MPH

Effects of Aging on Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy, Jake Herber OMS-1 and Loren Bertocci Ph.D

Importance of fatty acid binding protein 4 (FABP4) during Coxiella burnetti intracellular growth in alveolar macrophages, Kelsey Hilaire OMS-4

Neuromedin-U (NMU) negatively regulates bone remodeling, Yu-Tin Hsiao, Kelli Jestes OMS-1, Krista Jackson OMS-2, Tara Zubosky, Maria E. Squire, and Jonathan W. Lowery Ph.D

Congestive Heart Failure--Experience in OPTIMISTIC facilities, Lucas Huffman OMS-2, Laramie Mack, and Kathleen Unroe MD

Gestational Diabetes Leading to Cardiovascular Disease, Katie Isch OMS-1 and Julia Hum Ph.D

Experience with and perception of research among third year osteopathic medical students, Krista Jackson OMS-2, Oladipupo Ogunbekun OMS-2, Sarah Zahl, Bryan Larsen Ph.D, and Jonathan Lowery Ph.D

Experience with and perception of research among first year osteopathic medical students, Krista Jackson OMS-2, Oladipupo Ogunbekun OMS-2, Sarah Zahl, and Jonathan Lowery Ph.D

Coxiella burnetii infection upregulates enzyme cycloxygenase-2 gene expression in alveolar macrophages, Constantine Kim OMS-2, Michael Shain OMS-2, Steven Wooten, and Minal Mulye Ph.D

Indixanol contrast medium partially separates infectious strains of Candida into persister and non-persister populations, Bryan Larsen Ph.D. and Dominic Schaut MS, OMS-2

Building a health outcomes database & Frontend Visualuzation, Ashley Larson OMS-2, Scott Breeden, and Sage Arbor Ph.D

Sex Is A Strong Variable In The Mineral Metabolism Defects And Endocrine Dysfunction Associated With The Murine Adenine Diet Model Of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD, Michael P. Liesen BS, Megan L. Noonan MS, Erica Clinkenbeard Ph.D, Rafiou Agoro Ph.D, Samantha P. Tippen MS2, Julia Hum Ph.D, and Kenneth E. White Ph.D

Community Paramedicine/Mobile Integrated Healthcare in The United States, Stephen Marks OMS-1 and Michael Kaufman MD

The Role of Notum in Bone’s Response to Mechanical Loading and Aging, Vince Marshall OMS-2, Bryan Wacker OMS-2, and Julia Hum Ph.D

The Relationship Between Delayed Vasopressor Usage and Mortality in Sepsis, Nicholas G. Mazur OMS-2, Brian P. Reed MS, Jacob E. Nouriel MD, Lauren E. Shawver, Auguste S. Niybizi, Savannah R. O'Neil, Sarah Meram, Neelima Goyal, and James H. Paxton MD MBA

Cryotherapy: Don't freeze out the cardiovascular consequences of cold pain, Jasmine M. McDowell OMS-2; B. Andrew Krause Ph.D, ATC; Gretchen Addington MS; and Thad E. Wilson Ph.D

Effect of Suboccipital Release on Pain Perception and Autonomic Reflex Responses to Ischemic and Cold Pain, Kristen Metzler-Wilson PT, PhD; Abby Vrable OMS-2; Andrew Schaub OMS-2; Trenton K. Schmale OMS-3; Benjamin V. Rodimel BS-3; B. Andrew Krause PhD, ATC; and Thad E. Wilson PhD

Perceptions of interprofessional education in the medical and nursing curriculums, Bethany Miller, Elizabeth Petsche, Brian Skinner, and Julia Hum Ph.D

Role of adipose triglyceride lipase and CGI-58 in lipid droplet breakdown during Coxiella burnetii infection, Michael J. Newman OMS-2, Rachel Silliman OMS-3, and Minal Mulye Ph.D

Further Elucidation of the Role of Protein Kinase-C and Rho Kinase in the Mechanism of Action of Bitter Melon Extract on Human Metastatic Breast Cancer Cells, Leah G. Noe and Bhupal P. Bhetwal Ph.D

Intramuscular versus Subcutaneous Injections of Testosterone in Transgender Men, Adrian Palmer OMS-1 and Julia Hum Ph.D

Type 2 Diabetes-Driven Alterations in Bone Healing and Angiogenesis, Anthony J. Perugini OMS-2, Fazal Ur Rehman Bhatti, Ushashi C. Dadwal, Deepa Sheik Pran Babu, Seungyup Sun, Olatundun D. Awosanya, Rachel J. Blosser, Sarah A. Tersey, Kara S. Orr, Karishma R. Randhave, Jiliang Li, Carmella Evans-Molina, and Melissa A. Kacena

Fracture Healing in Aging: Improving Angiogenesis, Anthony J. Perugini OMS-2, Ushashi C. Dadwal, Fazal Ur Rehman Bhatti, Deepa Sheik Pran Babu, Rachel J. Blosser, Seungyup Sun, Olatundun D. Awosanya, Jiliang Li, and Melissa A. Kacena

Passing of the TORCH: A Medical, Historical, and Social Comparison between Rubella and Zika, Nhat M. Pham M.S., OMS-1 and Peter S. Marcus M.D.

Catholic Medical Conscience App, Brendan Rhatican OMS-3 and Matthew Becker OMS-2

3D Visualization of Pancreatitis: New Approaches for Diagnosis, Claire C. Russell OMS-2 and David L. Dufeau Ph.D

Autocrine Notch receptor 3 signaling stimulates the proliferation and enhances the osteoclastogenic potential of multiple myeloma cells, Hayley M. Sabol, David L. Halladay, G. David Roodman, Teresita Bellido, and Jesus Delgado-Calle

Untitled, Rachel Santos OMS-1

The Use of Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing in Evaluation of Genetic Disease Risk Perception, Alysha M. Scheeler M.S., OMS-1 and David P. Gardner Ph.D

Role of Bradykinin in Human Sweating During Stimulated and Actual Heat Stress, Artur Schneider OMS-2, Seetharam Narra, Kristen Metzler-Wilson, and Thad E. Wilson Ph.D

Diagnosis and Management of Postpartum Eclampsia in the ED, Maria Shibatsuji OMS-2 and Arielle Moss OMS-2

The Role of Quorum Sensing and Stringent Response in Vibrio cholerae Antibiotic Resistance, Alexis Skelton OMS-2 and David Raskin Ph.D

Role of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPAR-γ) in Coxiella burnetii infection, Celina Spencer OMS-2, Adelaide Calhoun OMS-2, and Minal Mulye Ph.D

A 3D Visualization of Depression and Anxiety, Marissa Stalets OMS-2, Emily Rodgers OMS-2, and David Dufeau Ph.D

The cytotoxic role of the inhibition of different steps in the PI-3-kinase pathway and acto-myosin cross bridge formation in human metastatic breast cancer cells, Rajashree Thirumeni OMS-2 and Bhupal P. Bhetwal Ph.D

Nusinersin Does Not Mitigate Hip and Spine Pathoanatomy in Spinal Muscular Atrophy Patients, Michael J. Troy OMS-2, Patricia E. Miller, Basil Darras, and Brian Snyder

Targeting DNA-PK and the DNA Damage Response via Small Molecule Ku Inhibitors, Tyler L. Vernon OMS-1, Navnath S. Gavande, and John J. Turchi Ph.D

Expression and Regulation of FGF23 in Osseous and Extra-Skeletal Tissues During Normal and Altered Metabolic States, Curtis Vrabec OMS-1, Seong Min Lee, J. Wes Pike, and Erica L. Clinkenbeard

What is OMT’s Effect on the Autonomic Nervous System?, Alexander Waldherr OMS-2

Role of cyclooxygenase inhibitors in blocking Coxiella burnetii intracellular growth, Steven Wooten, Constantine Kim OMS-2, Michael Shain OMS-2, Morgan E. Harrison OMS-3, and Minal Mulye Ph.D

Salmonella protein AvrA Promotes Chronic Infection Through MDM2, Eric Xia OMS-2 and Lang Zha

Developing an in vitro model of CKD-MBD induced αKlotho suppression, Collin Young OMS-2, Nicole LaFave OMS-2, Kirby Tobin OMS-3, Timothy Waite OMS-3, Forrest Oberhelman OMS-4, and Julia Hum Ph.D

Should patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) RECEIVE a heart transplant?, Nayab Zafar, BSc, OMS-2; Neha Sehgal MS, OMS-2; and K. J. Kelly MD, MSc

CBX5: A Potential Biomarker of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma, John Zemkewicz and Colleen Doci Ph.D

Submissions from 2018

Survey of Bacterial Populations and Associated Antimicrobial Resistance in the Nina Mason Pulliam Ecolab (NMPE), Azeem Ahmad Ph.D, Samina Akbar Ph.D, Megan Desrosiers, and Bridgette Antolin


The Role of α2δ1 in Mediating Extracellular Signaling in Retinal Cells, Cecelia Bender OMS-2, Collin Young OMS-1, Marian University - Indianapolis, and Julia Hum Ph.D

3D Printing Phone Case Orbs to Bend Light as a Geospatial Fitness Incentive, Joe Bondi OMS-2 and Sage Arbor Ph.D


Effects of Hypothyroidism on Articular Cartilage in Juvenile Swine, Joshua Bundy, Dennis Weiner MD, Julianne Yang MD, Robin Childs MS, Melanie Morscher PT, Richard Steiner Ph.D, Mark Adamczyk MD, and William Landis Ph.D


Bovine Arch Anatomy Influences Recoarctation Rates in the Era of the Extended End-to-End Anastomos, Nicholas B. Cavanaugh OMS-3, Brian D. Conway, Osamah Aldoss, Ben E. Reinking, Nicholas P. Rossi, Ahmed El-Hattab, and Joseph W. Turek

Intravenous Ketorolac and Intravenous Acetaminophen Effect on Kidney Function and Morphine Intake During Postoperative Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery at Maui Memorial Medical Center, Joseph Chasen OMS-2, Chelsea Machida, Dan York Ph.D, and Arthur Chasen MD


Role of Protein Kinase-C and Rho Kinase in the Cytotoxic Effects of Bitter Melon Extract on Metastatic Breast Cancer Cells, Heeyun Choi and Bhupal Bhetwal Ph.D


Fruit and Vegetable Consumption of Adolescents, Jacob Conroy OMS-1, Rachel Krallman, Daniel Montgomery, Jean DuRussell-Weston, Eva Kline-Rogers, Kim A. Eagle, and Elizabeth A. Jackson

Impulse Oscillometry Pulmonary Function Abnormalities in Sickle Cell Disease, Lorene Cudjoe OMS-2, Payal Shah MS, Roberta M. Kato MD, and Thomas Coates MD


Building an Epigenetic Database: Reproducibility and Orthogonal Targets, Ariel Dryden OMS-3, Eric Zhang OMS-2, Scott Given OMS-2, and Sage Arbor Ph.D

A Putative PPAR d/g Agonist Induces Apoptotic Cell Death in Human Cancer Cell Lines, A. Fein OMS-2, R. Rahman OMS-2, S. Gleason OMS-4, H. Brinkman OMS-2, M. Ristic OMS-4, A. Do OMS-4, T. Boncher, and David Strom Ph.D

Bone-derived Sclerostin Regulates Glucose Metabolism Via Endocrine Actions in Pancreatic β- cells, Adam Ferrari, Jessica H. Nelson, Kevin McAndrews, Meloney Cregor, Carmella Evans-Molina, Teresita Bellido, and Jesus Delgado-Calle

Perceptions of Appointment Time and Associations with Patient Arrival and Reminder System Preferences, Scott J. Given OMS-2 and Deanna R. Willis MD, MBA

Identification of Commercially Available Antibodies That Block Ligand-Binding by BMPR2, Ruthann E. Gorrell, Laura J. Schoerning OMS-4, Jordan B. Newby, Madeline H. Totten, Sydni N. Yates OMS-2, Logan J. Geyman, Warren G. Lawless OMS-4, Aaron M. Hudnall OMS-4, Julia M. Hum Ph.D, and Jonathan W. Lowery Ph.D

Role of Lipid Droplets in Prostaglandin E2 Production During Coxiella Burnetii Infection, Morgan E. Harrison OMS-2 and Minal Mulye Ph.D

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Treatments and Associated Infectious Processes, Katelyn Heaton and Inaia Phoenix Ph.D


Effects of Aging on Muscle Hypertrophy, Jake Herber and Loren Bertocci


Directly Targeting HIF Activity Controls FGF23 Expression Revealing Translational Considerations for CKD-related Anemia, Julia Hum Ph.D, Bryan Wacker OMS-1, and Vince Marshall OMS-1


Elucidating the Molecular Signatures Associated with Elevated Bone Formation Rate, Kelli Jestes, Krista Jackson OMS-1, and Jonathan W. Lowery Ph.D

Investigating the Novel Redox Active Thioredoxin-like Protein (PbTrxL-1) of the Malaria Parasite Plasmodium, Nooreen Khan OMS-1 and Stefan M. Kanzok Ph.D

Coxiella Burnetii Infection Increases Cyclooxygenase Levels in Alveolar Macrophages, Blake Leeds OMS-2 and Minal Mulye Ph.D

Urinary Complications After Omitting Bladder Catheterization During Atrial Fibrillation Ablation, Andrew Lehman MPH, OMS-2; Asim Ahmed MD; and Parin Patel MD


Lipids Droplets Play an Important Role During Obligate Intracellular Bacterial Infections, Cassandra Libbing OMS-2, Rea-Mae Azcueta, and Minal Mulye Ph.D


The Role of Lipid Droplets in Host-pathogen Interactions of Intracellular and Extracellular Bacteria, Adam McDevitt, Ahila Ahila OMS-2, and Minal Mulye Ph.D


Experience with and Perception of Research Among First Year Osteopathic Medical Students at Marian University, Kyle Messer OMS-2, Tim Cho OMS-2, Sarah Zahl Ph.D, and Jonathan Lowery Ph.D


Symptom Report of Long-Stay Nursing Home Residents, Meaghan Mobley OMS-2; Luke Miller OMS-2; Kathleen Unroe MD, MHA; and Susan Hickman Ph.D


Multi Drug Resistant Plasmid Transfer Between Salmonella and Two E. Coli Strains, Jane Pangburn OMS-2 and Samina Akbar Ph.D

How Much Will My Child’s Operation Cost? Availability of Consumer Prices from US Hospitals for a Common Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgical Procedure, Allison Racimo OMS-3; Nakul Talathi BS; Nicole Zelenski MD; Lawrence Wells MD; and Apurva S. Shan MD, MBA

Association and Impact of Hypertension Defined Using the 2017 AHA/ACC Guidelines on the Risk of Atrial Fibrillation in ARIC Cohort, Anas Rattani OMS-1, Alvaro Alonso, and Mohammed K. Ali

Ultrasound-guided Great Saphenous Vein Access in Trauma Cases, Jessica Roberts OMS-2, Nathan Roberts, Gaston Dana, and Necla Erdini


Network Analysis of Skeletal Muscle During Spaceflight in Male Mice, Michael Savaglio OMS-2, Nabarun Chakraborty, Paul Childress, Raina Kumar, George Dimitrov, Bintu Sowe, Aarti Gautam, David Waning, Rasha Hammamieh, and Melissa Kacena


Chemokine Profiling of Vaginal Epithelial Cells Exposed to Gardnerella Vaginalis, Betsy Schlehuser OMS-4, Oladipupo Ogunbekun OMS-1, Jonathan Lowery Ph.D, and Bryan Larsen Ph.D


Osteocyte-Specific Deletion of the α2δ1 Auxiliary Voltage Sensitive Calcium Channel Subunit, Artur Schneider OMS-1, Christian S. Wright, Xin Yi, Julia M. Hum Ph.D, and William R. Thompson


Bringing Attention to Lesser-known Bone Remodeling Pathways, Mehdi Shadmand OMS-2, Krista Jackson OMS-1, Cecelia Bender OMS-2, Stephen Donnelly OMS-4, Henry Guan OMS-4, Kirby Tobin OMS-2, Syndi Yates OMS-2, Julia Hum Ph.D, and Jonathan Lowery Ph.D


Contribution of Lipid Droplet Breakdown to Coxiella Burnetii Infection, Rachel Silliman OMS-2, Stacey D. Gilk, and Minal Mulye Ph.D


3D Visualization of Brainstem Anatomy in Relation to Lateral Medullary (Wallenberg) Syndrome, Ashley Starcevich OMS-2 and David Dufeau Ph.D


Aesculapius: Adding a Dimension of Instruction Through Integrating Spatial Knowledge, Sergej Stjepic OMS-2, Bradley Boget OMS-2, David Dufeau Ph.D, and Garren Gebhardt D.O.


Developing an In Vitro Model of CKD-MBD Induced αKlotho Suppression, Kirby Tobin OMS-2, Timothy Waite OMS-2, Forrest Oberhelman OMS-3, and Julia Hum Ph.D

Examining Sudden Cardiac Death in High School Competitive Athletes: An Overview of Contributing Etiologies, Prevalence, Screening, and Participation Guidelines, Cory Tom and Daniel Gelfman MD, FACP, FACC


Antagonism Between Bone Morphogenetic Protein and Activin Signaling Pathways in Osteoprogenitor Cells, Madeline Totten, Sydni Yates OMS-2, Kelli Jestes, Sylvia Chlebek OMS-3, Jordan Newby, Jon Arthur, and Jonathan W. Lowery Ph.D