COM Research Day is an annual showcase of the the research engagement of the students within the College of Osteopathic Medicine. Content on display are typically poster presentations along with faculty-led discussions of research projects. This event is coordinated by the MU-COM Research Club as well as the Faculty-led Research Club Committee.


Submissions from 2017


Towards Multi-Modality Therapy for Marfan Syndrome: Synergistic Effect of Angiotensin and TRPC4 Receptor Blockade on Ascending Aortic Aneurysms, Nicholas B. Cavanaugh; Lan Qian MBBS; Nicole M. Westergaard; and Joseph W. Turek MD, Ph.D.


Elucidating the Antagonistic Relationship Between Bone Morphogenetic Protein and Activin Signaling Pathways in Osteoprogenitor Cells, Sylvia Chlebek, Jordan Newby, Jon Arthur, and Jonathan W. Lowery Ph.D.


Activin and BMP Signaling Mechanics in Myogenic Cells, Tim Cho and Jonathan W. Lowery Ph.D.

The Basal Ganglia: Pathways and Movement Disorders, Hannah Christopher OMS-II and David Dufeau Ph.D.

Effect of Decreasing Peripheral Skin Blood Flow Via Local Axon Reflexes, Decreases in Perfusion Pressure, and Ischemia during Systemic Thermal-Induced Eccrine Sweating in Humans, James W. Daggett OMS-II; Kenan Alibegovic OMS-II; Milie M. Fang; Kristen Metzler-Wilson PT, Ph.D.; and Thad E. Wilson Ph.D.

Effect of Cutaneous Local Axon Reflexes, Perfusion Pressure, and Ischemia on Exogenous Cholinergic-Induced Eccrine Sweating in Humans, Milie M. Fang OMS-II; Uma S. Kocherlakota; Kenan Alibegovic OMS-II; James W. Daggett OMS-II; Seetharam C. Narra BMS-II; Thad E. Wilson Ph.D.; and Kristen Metzler-Wilson PT, Ph.D.


Identification of Commercially Available Antibodies that Block Ligand Binding by BMPR2, Ruthann E. Gorrell, Laura Schoerning, Jordan Newby, Warren Lawless, Aaron M. Hudnall, Julia M. Hum, and Jonathan W. Lowery Ph.D.

Hexosamine Biosynthesis Pathway Is a Potential Link Between Insulin Resistance and Alzheimer’s Disease, Katherynne Greve, Mackenzie Powell, Brian Grice, Daniel Vigil, Stephen Boehm, Wei Lei, and Jeffrey Elmendorf

Examining LRP4’s Capacity to Participate in Inhibitory WNT Signaling in Bone Cells, Julia M. Hum, Madison Kelly, Mehdi Shadmand, Tyler Lucas, Curren Sharma, and Alexander G. Robling


Identification of Gene Signature Associated with Elevated Bone Formation Rate in Aging Mice, Krista Jackson, Aaron M. Hudnall, and Jonathan W. Lowery Ph.D.

Model Online Educational Platform for Health Services, Ben Kopecky OMS-I

Outcomes in Blunt Cerebrovascular Injury Following the Use of an Evidence-Based Treatment Protocol, TJ Kovanda, ZA Freeman, AP Melillo, LE Jacobson, TJ Leipzig, DH Sahlein, and RB Rodgers

Sorbitol Protection Assay Provides Insight into Antifungal Mechanisms of Boron Compounds against Candida albicans and Candida Glabrata, Bryan Larsen Ph.D.

Metabolic Syndrome is Associated with an Increased Risk of 30-Day Morbidity and Mortality after Lower Extremity Bypass Surgery, Andrew Lehman MPH, OMS-I and Ying Wei Lum M.D., MPH


Experience with and Perception of Research Among First Year Osteopathic Medical Students, Hinduja Nallamala, Conor Kirby OMS-I, Sarah Zahl, Kelly Kaneshiro, Victoria Nguyen, Glen Kisby, and Jonathan W. Lowery Ph.D.

Mice Lacking the a2d1 Auxiliary Voltage Sensitive Calcium Channel Subunit Have Impaired Bone Quantity and Decreased Lean Mass, Karan Sharma, Madison Kelly, Megan Noonan, Xin Yi, Alexander G. Robling, Julia M. Hum, and Mary C. Farach-Carson

Disambiguating the Effect of Interpolated Testing on the Build-up of Proactive Interference During Learning, Breyauna Spencer and Karl Szpunar

Short Duration Exposure of Vibrio Cholerae to Small Intestine Conditions and the Effect on Cholera Toxin and Stringent Response Gene Expression, Michael Stewart OMS-II and David Raskin

Investigating the HSF1-HSF2 Interaction, Bryan Wacker, Alex Jaeger, and Dennis Thiele Ph.D.


Nutrient Sensing by Tas1R Proteins is Required for Normal Bone Resorption, Nicholas Weinstein, Michael S. Eaton, Stephen R. Shively, Hannah M Davis, Lillian Plotkin, and Jonathan W. Lowery Ph.D.

Employment of the Novel Laser Direct Alignment Radiation Reduction Technique (DARRT) for Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy Access, Patrick W. Yang, Samuel Abourbih M.D., Jim Shen M.D., Salim Cheriyan M.D., Mohamed Keheila M.D., Jason Smith M.D., and D. Duane Baldwin M.D.

Submissions from 2016


Cryoglobulinemic Vasculitis in a Patient with Trismus Pseudocamptodactyly, Joseph Aleshaki OMS-III, Kurt Ashack, and Anthony Martin

Are Axon Reflex Responses Altered in Rosacea?, Jeffrey Stephen Blakesley OMSII; Patrick Clegg OMSII; Thad E. Wilson Ph.D.; and Kristen Metzler-Wilson PT, Ph.D.


3D Methods for Medical Education and Clinical Practice, Molly Buynak OMSII; Leonard K. Song OMSII; and David Dufeau, PhD


3D Visualization of Two Surgical Approaches for Correcting a Congenital Heart Defect, Mary Carrier OMSII

Abstract, Emily Dougherty OMSII

Loss of BMPR2 Expression in Skeletal Progenitor Cells Reduces Age-Related Bone Loss, Michael S. Eaton OMSIII


Testing Novel Phenolic Fluorophores as Palladium Sensors at Different Concentrations, Max Gallivan, Christopher Shrack OMSI, and Laura Wysocki Ph.D.

Indirect vs. Direct Assessment of Cold Induced Vasodilation, Daniel Gerow OMSII, Patrick Clegg OMSII, and Thad E. Wilson Ph.D.

Abstract, Emma Hegwood OMSIV


Doing Research Separated By Distance and Time With Blinded Duplication: Building an Epigenetic Database, Scott D. Hines OMSIII, Namita Biala OMSIII, Daniel R. Hutchinson OMSIII, Jacob Suazo, Sade Akinkuotu, and Sage Arbor Ph.D.

Abstract, Julia M. Hum

Safety and Efficacy of Fecal Microbiota Transplantation in Patients with a History of Solid Organ Transplant and C. Difficile Infection, Noor Khan OMSII and Monika Fischer M.D., MSCR


Early Expression of D-Pax2 in Drosophila Sense Organs is Controlled by a 700 Base Pair Cis-Regulatory Region, Conor Kirby OMS-I and Joshua Kavaler

Student Use of Virtual Microscopy Laboratory Modules in an Integrated Medical Curriculum, Shirley Kotadia OMSI and Allison K. Chatterjee Ph.D.


Identify cmy-2 Incompatibility Groups in Salmonella Multidrug Resistance Plasmids, Stephen M. Kuehn OMSII and Samina Akbar


Characterizing The Patient Population With 30-Day Readmissions From COPD and Heart Failure, Nathan Lambert-Cheatham OMS-II


Establishing Relevant ADC-based Texture Analysis Metrics for Quantifying Early Treatment-Induced Changes in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinomas, Kelly Loman OMS-I, Jeff Nawrocki, Jenny Hoang, David Yoo, Zheng Chang, Yvonne Mowery, Xuechan Li, Bercedis Peterson, David Brizel, and Oana Craciunescu


Assessing Readability of Online Patient Education Materials for Spine Surgery Procedures, William Long OMS-I, William W. Long BA1, Krishna D. Modi BS1, Dustin H. Massel BS1, Benjamin C. Mayo BA1, and Kern Singh MD1

Identification of Antimicrobial Resistance Genes and Plasmid Types in Isolates of Salmonella Enterica, Emily Martin OMSII

The Automated Discovery of Implied Causation Statements in Medical Research Literature: The Text-based Causation Signal "caused by", Hinduja Nallamala OMSI

Boric Acid and Persisters in Candida Albicans, Thomas Piotrowski OMSII and Bryan Larsen Ph.D.


Stringent Response Regulation of Virulence Factors in Vibrio Cholera, David Raskin, Arunima Mishra, Huajun He, Swathi Mall, and Jennifer Cooper

Identification of Commercially-Available Antibodies that Block Ligand-Binding by BMPR2, Laura Schoerning OMSII, Ruthann E. Gorrell, Jordan B. Newby, Julia M. Hum, and Jonathan W. Lowery Ph.D.

Bone Grafting Technologies: Current and Prospective Therapies, Wililam Snyder OMSII

Loss of the Nutrient Sensor Tas1R3 Leads to Reduced Bone Resorption, Taylor Ward OMSII


3D Visualization of Cardiac Anatomy: New Approaches for Patient Education, Rachel Whitman OMS-II and David Dufeau Ph.D.

Submissions from 2015


Comparison of Patient Tolerance of Photodynamic Therapy with Zone vs. Full Face Treatment, Joseph Aleshaki OMS-II and Dr. Kevin Crawford

Characterization of Spatio-Temporal Expression of Novel Hypoxia-Induced Genes in Zebrafish, Adam Amir OMSI and Farhad B. Imam M.D., Ph.D.

Elucidating the Antagonistic Relationship Between Bone Morphogenetic Proteins and Activins in the Skeleton, Jon Arthur OMSII and Jonathan W. Lowery Ph.D.

Mitigation of Stomach Dehiscence Risk During Gastrostomy Tube Changes – A Retrospective Analysis of Patient Outcomes, Ethan Charles Blocher-Smith OMSI

The Impact of Medically-Related Experiences on Spatial Ability: Instrument Creation, A. K. Chatterjee, C. Bonger, J. Braun, D. Daum, and A. Lee

Effects of Whole-Body Heating on Skin Blood Flowmotion in Rosacea, Emily Eaton; Kristen Metzler-Wilson PT, Ph.D.; Kumika Toma Ph.D.; Andrew Jurovcik OMS-IV; Dawn Sammons D.O.; and Thad E. Wilson Ph.D.


Loss of BMPR2 Expression in Skeletal Progenitor Cells Reduces Age-Related Bone Loss, Michael S. Eaton, Jordan B. Newby, Aaron M. Hudnall, Vickie Rosen, and Jonathan W. Lowery Ph.D.


Loss of the Nutrient Sensor Tas1R3 Leads to Reduced Bone Resorption, Michael S. Eaton, Jordan B. Newby, Maggie Plattes, Hanna E. Foster, Eric M. Wauson, Brian J. Dewar, Jon Arthur OMSII, and Jonathan W. Lowery Ph.D.

Coding DNA into Music: An Alternate Way of Analysis, Sam Fesenmeier OMSI


Boric Acid and EDTA Combination Inhibits Growth of Candida albicans and Gardnerella vaginalis, Benjamin Hart OMSII, Tyler Beach OMSII, Thomas Piotrowski OMSII, and Bryan Larsen Ph.D.


Therapeutic Discovery for Friedreich Ataxia Using Random shRNA Selection, Avinash Kaur, M. Grazia Cotticelli, Shujuan Xia, Fabio Acquaviva, Elisabetta Manduchi, Christopher Stoeckert, Yongping Wang, and Robert B. Wilson

Construction and Validation of a Novel Pathway Ratio Reporter System (PARRES), Tyler King, Satoshi Ote, Vickie Rosen, and Jonathan W. Lowery Ph.D.

Kidney Paired Donation: National Activity and Perspectives, Savahanna P. Lien MS/MPH; Ty B. Dunn M.D., M.S.; Sameh Fayek M.D.; Christopher Marsh M.D.; and Peter Abt M.D.


Single-Center Denial Reasons for Potential Living Kidney Donors, Savahanna P. Lien MS/MPH, Margaret Voges, Cathy Garvey, and Arthur Matas


Utility of a Scoring Tool for Living Kidney Donor Volunteers, Savahanna P. Lien MS/MPH; Linda Wiley; Rebecca Stepan; Anne Lecuyer-Koich; Margaret Voges; and Ty B. Dunn M.D., M.S.

Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Angiogenic Effects of Black Raspberry Extract on Human Esophageal and Intestinal Microvascular Endothelial Cells, Rituparna Medda, Orestis Lyros M.D., Jamie L. Schmidt, Nebojsa Jovanovic, Linghui Nie, Benjamin J. Link, Mary F. Otterson M.D., Gary D. Stoner Ph.D., Reza Shaker M.D., and Parvaneh Rafiee Ph.D.


Quantitative Real Time PCR Detection of In Vitro Clostridium Difficile Growth Inhibition by Popular Over-the-Counter Probiotic Supplements, Bryan A. Tran, Ella Doa, and Bryan Larsen Ph.D.