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New Theology Review (Vol.28, No.2)


Catholic Studies | Gender and Sexuality


This article evaluates the current Catholic youth ministry practice to, with, and for Catholic LGBTQ youth. The methodology utilized is both descriptive and prescriptive, and calls into question the lack of ministerial presence afforded to Catholic LGBTQ youth. The essay briefly examines the official ecclesiastical documents on homosexuality and their relevance for LGBTQ youth. Next it assesses the major US ecclesial youth ministry document, Renewing the Vision, and calls for its renewal and revision. In particular the article offers concrete recommendations for the two areas of Catholic youth ministry—advocacy and pastoral care—that would have the most positive impact for LGBTQ youth and Catholic youth ministry. Finally, the article calls for the US Catholic bishops, youth ministers, and parents to be more open and affirming with LGBTQ youth and provides some practical suggestions.


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