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X-ray diffraction methods for high-pressure solid-state synthesis Público Deposited

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Walsh, J, Tamerius, Alexandra, and Thiel, S. X-ray Diffraction Methods for High-pressure Solid-state Synthesis. Elsevier. 2022.

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Walsh, J, Tamerius, Alexandra, & Thiel, S. (2022). X-ray diffraction methods for high-pressure solid-state synthesis.

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Walsh, J., Tamerius, Alexandra, and Thiel, S.. X-Ray Diffraction Methods for High-Pressure Solid-State Synthesis. Elsevier. 2022.

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This chapter provides a comprehensive overview of modern high pressure solid-state synthesis methods, with a specific focus on their integration with in situ X-ray diffraction methods. Fundamental concepts in solid-state synthesis are re-examined within the context of synthesis at high pressures, and additional considerations specific to high pressure are introduced. We examine three common apparatuses for achieving high pressures: the Paris–Edinburgh press, the diamond anvil cell, and the multi-anvil press. We present the advantages and disadvantages of each method in the context of high-pressure synthesis, using illustrative examples from the literature. We hope that this chapter will provide the curious solid-state chemist with the foundational understanding required to begin their foray into world of high-pressure synthesis.

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