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Mary Ellen Lennon. Sr. Ruthann Boyle. 7292.

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In this two-part interview, Sr. Ruthann Boyle discusses her calling in high school to the Sisters of Saint Francis by way of encouragement from her family and numerous religious sisters in Beech Grove, Indiana. Her first duty as a sister was to work as a teacher in places such as Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Montana with the Crow Indians, the latter experience becoming important preparation for her work as a second grade teacher in Papua New Guinea. Sr. Boyle also recalls her time in Papua New Guinea, fulfilling what was once her mother’s dream, working as a Christian missionary helping others in a unique land and culture. She describes how she taught both genders in a society that had significant gender inequality and her job as a curriculum advisor, working with the Huli people to “open their world so they could learn more about God.” In the second segment, Sr. Boyle discusses how she aided in redesigning the sisters’ veils, wrote booklets for postulants, and created new Christian communities through the recruitment of new sisters in Papua New Guinea.

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