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Contreras, Alisson, et al. Making Plastic Polymers From Milk. . 2020.

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Contreras, Alisson, Roessler, Meghann E.H, Tesfa, Martina, & Doci, Colleen L. (2020). Making Plastic Polymers from Milk.

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Contreras, Alisson, Roessler, Meghann E.H., Tesfa, Martina, and Doci, Colleen L.. Making Plastic Polymers From Milk. 2020.

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Alisson Contreras and Martina Tesfa presenting. Developed by Meghann E. H. Roessler. At Marian University, our vision is to provide an education distinguished in its ability to prepare transformative leaders for service to the world. This project is part of an ongoing effort to foster scientific identity in students through inclusive practices. This was adapted in collaboration with Meghann E. H. Roessler, who is a Pre-Medicine major at the University of Dayton.

Have you ever wondered where plastic comes from? Materials like plastics are formed from everyday materials that undergo a special type of bonding. In this experiment, you can learn about chemical bonds, see how to make your own plastic from milk, and maybe even invent a new type of plastic!

Presented at the 2020 Celebrate Science Indiana Festival. Celebrate Science Indiana, Indiana’s Premier Science Festival, is a public event that demonstrates the importance of studying science and the joy of discovery, the economic value of science, and its significance to society. For all age groups and for individuals from all walks of life, science impacts our daily lives, and the event aims to encourage young Hoosiers to pursue exciting, rewarding careers in science. Celebrate Science Indiana features interactive events and activities, and, whenever possible, it will provide take-home information, activities, or innovative ideas for further investigation. Prominent participants at the event include local and national science-based industries and businesses, federal agencies, educational institutions, and public institutions that have a major emphasis on science or science education, such as the Indiana State Museum and the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.

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