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Equipped with degrees in finance and accounting and influenced by a college course on social issues in New York, Sr. Robbie Pentecost decided to enter the community of the Sisters of Saint Francis, Oldenburg more than 31 years ago. Her desire to volunteer, serve the poor, and a trust in the Lord also guided her decision to receive her MBA and start a restaurant in St. Louis that hired those who were unemployed. After 10 years working for the Christian Appalachian Project, Sr. Pentecost decided her call was to work for the Sisters of Saint Francis as a planned and major gifts coordinator. She describes her life as “A wonderful journey of mystery, adventure, and possibilities” while always remembering that “God is in charge.” Throughout her oral history, Sr. Pentecost continues to reveal important advice on discernment including how the process involves intuition, all of the senses, logic, and “sitting in silence with the Lord.” She highlights how listening to your heart, making clear versus emotional decisions, and talking with others are also important for successful discernment. As a Sister of St. Francis who is also a businesswoman of faith, Sr. Pentecost underscores the importance of always “working with people” rather than “for people.”

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