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Mary Ellen Lennon . Sr. Ann Vonder Meulen. . 8420.

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Mary Ellen Lennon. (8420). Sr. Ann Vonder Meulen.

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Mary Ellen Lennon . Sr. Ann Vonder Meulen. 8420.

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In her oral history, Sr. Ann Vonder Meulen discusses how her love for those who are underrepresented in society began as a young child with her family’s inclusion of Japanese American neighbors into their home. She describes how compassion for others from different cultures led her to become a Sister of Saint Francis and ultimately to work as a coordinator for religious and special education. She notes how her experience with those with disabilities, as well as the wisdom gained from studying multicultural formation, equipped her to work as a missionary for twelve years in Papua New Guinea as a formations director, teacher, leader, and coordinator of leadership courses. She reflects on how she aided those on the coast of Papua New Guinea after a tsunami, developed a program to assist men with addictions, and worked to deter tribal warfare through improved communication. In the second part of her oral history, Sr. Ann describes her inclusion of scripture into her teaching of gospel and how the Franciscan themes of poverty, compassion, and conflict resolution can help all of us “widen our tents” in the assistance of those who may seem different than us.

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