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Lowery, Jonathan W, et al. Muscle-derived Factors Influencing Bone Metabolism. Elsevier. 2022.

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Lowery, Jonathan W, Zysik, Victoria S, Griffin, Nicole, Jobe, Tyler K, Gries, Kevin, & Leeds, Benjamin P. (2022). Muscle-derived factors influencing bone metabolism.

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Lowery, Jonathan W., Zysik, Victoria S., Griffin, Nicole, Jobe, Tyler K., Gries, Kevin, and Leeds, Benjamin P.. Muscle-Derived Factors Influencing Bone Metabolism. Elsevier. 2022.

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A significant amount of attention has been brought to the endocrine-like function of skeletal muscle on various tissues, particularly with bone. Several lines of investigation indicate that the physiology of both bone and muscle systems may be regulated by a given stimulus, such as exercise, aging, and inactivity. Moreover, emerging evidence indicates that bone is heavily influenced by soluble factors derived from skeletal muscle (i.e., muscle-to-bone communication). The purpose of this review is to discuss the regulation of bone remodeling (formation and/or resorption) through skeletal muscle-derived cytokines (hereafter myokines) including the anti-inflammatory cytokine METRNL and pro-inflammatory cytokines (e.g., TNF-α, IL-6, FGF-2 and others). Our goal is to highlight possible therapeutic opportunities to improve muscle and bone health in aging.

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